Real, Crude, Off-Color, Vulgar and Honest! From the view of everyday regular people! Political Correctness has no place on show that can derail and take aim at anything or anybody! Including themselves.


The A.C.T. Podcast

Our 50th!

We made it to 50! Some people didn't think we'd make it to 5. This is a wild and jam packed episode! Featuring our first and biggest fan Justin, Karen Morgan-Beam and a surprise special guest! Fine we'll tell you. Anthonys oldest friend Rylynd Johnson and his lovely wife Emma.
02:53:00 7/4/2020

Past Episodes

Anthony and Sarah interview Chirs and Daniel from the ENS podcast.
01:05:33 6/26/2020
Anthonys boyfriends mom makes her first appearance on the show!
02:30:26 6/12/2020
Podcaster Screaming Chuy comes on The ACT.
02:24:17 6/7/2020
Anthony gives his thoughts, opens an invitation to help progress the conversation.
01:27:27 6/2/2020
03:11:54 5/23/2020
This is the 'Best Of' for long time listeners and 'Recap' for new listeners! This episode is a guide through episodes 6-10 of The A.C.T. Podcast. Narrated by the hosts and featured players on the show! Enjoy!
02:01:12 5/20/2020
The Gang is back! Izzy Nine Bullet calls in, Anthonys Mom makes her debut and the gang breaks down todays top trending music.
02:00:19 5/19/2020
Anthony and Sarah use the leak new video game The Last Of Us 2 too deep dive into the political agendas being pushed, and identity politics being played.
02:23:40 5/2/2020
Anthony and Sarah have his old manager Tara and her boyfriend Jessie on to talk about a variety of different topics.
01:40:17 5/1/2020

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