Join Stu and Al on topics that include 'Top 3', '90's Corner' and 'Tales of the Bag O' Nails'. Irreverent chat and laughs (Not a guarantee).


Stu & Al Pod

34. The bleakness of Rosie & Jim

In this episode the chaps discuss top 3 British film directors, curtesy of Chris Konrath, Stu tells a long winded cow joke and the reasons behind the difficulties of casting a Bash Street Kids film arise. Dave Grohl has a new job, "Ronaldo" talks about Manchester United and there's a disturbing Rosie and Jim story. All this and your regular features too.
00:53:12 9/9/2021

Past Episodes

Stu & Al Pod
In this episode, Top 3 comedy films are discussed, Al auditions for Radio 1 and the chaps discuss Ghostbusters' toys. 90's Corner has a new format, there are some quick fire impressions and Stu meets a doctor down the Bag O'Nails who's accent changes very quickly. All this and your regular features too.
01:06:36 8/26/2021
Stu & Al Pod
The lads go on tour up north for this episode and record in a Travelodge with a special guest. Top 3 desserts are discussed, Uncle Dorigay attempts stand up comedy and there's a shock down the Bag O'Nails. We find out whether Stu likes hot drinks, there's a heartwarming story and finish up with a shit Newcastle themed quiz. All this and your regular features too.
00:58:00 8/12/2021
Stu & Al Pod
Top 3 stand up comedians includes an immense amount of name dropping, Stu gives an honest assessment of Al and the chaps use a new conferencing mic. The jingles get an upgrade, Michael Parkinson has a new business venture and Stu tries to guess some of Al's awful impressions. All this and your regular features too.
01:14:55 7/29/2021
Stu & Al Pod
This episode includes loads of Australian stuff! Stu's been out day drinking and tries to cheat at TWO quizzes, we hear some rude Friends clips and there are plans for Al's death. Congratulations/commiserations are offered to England, we hear from some Aussie celebs and we still can't get the new mics levels right. All this and your regular features too.
01:05:26 7/15/2021
Stu & Al Pod
Stu and Al test out their new microphones in this episode resulting in Stu being louder than Al, top 3 lagers brings some similar choices and there's an astronaut down the Bag O'Nails. We hear some unknown Euro 2012 songs, a Wayne Rooney interview and Stu gets listener questions from some old ladies. All this and your regular features too.
01:00:09 7/1/2021
Stu & Al Pod
If you want to know which video game broke Stu's heart, then this is the episode for you! Jackie D talks about her first love, BasterMind goes down to the wire and a listener wants their own feature. Al gets some violent feedback, words starting with 'para...' and Mike Reid might just save your life with the '5 second rule.' All this and your regular features too.
00:52:54 6/17/2021
Stu & Al Pod
You lucky/unlucky listeners! Join Stu & Al for a special Euro 2020/2021 episode with special guest Chris from VAR at the bar. The chaps discuss their 1990's England dream team, live in a pub! Listen as the guys get drunker and the audio from the pub makes itself heard. Plus there are special appearances from Jackie D, Tom Cat, Uncle Dorigay, a Borealis and the Robot from the future.
00:33:30 6/10/2021
Stu & Al Pod
In this episode, TV comedy sketch shows are discussed, Al tells a listener to stop listening and Stu brings us ANOTHER Borealis family member. We find out why Michael Flatley wouldn't be good in Lord of the Rings, something rude about Betty White and ask where Lauren Hill is. All this and your regular features too.
01:11:34 6/3/2021
Stu & Al Pod
Top 3 in this episode centres around punk bands, there's an advert for an erotic emporium and BasterMind is the fairest one yet. Tom Cat makes a random return, Mike Reid makes Al laugh more than ever before and Stu answers gardening questions. All this and your regular features too.
01:11:43 5/20/2021
Stu & Al Pod
This time around the chaps discuss their top 3 guilty pleasure films which includes one that made Stu cry for an hour, the Golden Girls reappear and Al tries his hand at poetry. Listeners are given the chance to win two spectacular prizes, there's a special bloopers reel and what ever happened to Dido? All this and your regular features too.
01:01:49 5/6/2021

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