Restaurant Fiction reviews the fictional restaurants, fictional bars, and fictional clubs featured in TV & Film and talks to the writers, directors, producers, executives and other talent who had a major hand in them.


Restaurant Fiction

American Beauty's Mr. Smiley's with Producer Dan Jinks

The fictional restaurant in the 1999 Best Picture winner, American Beauty, is Mr. Smiley's. Producer Dan Jinks joins Restaurant Fiction to talk all things Mr. Smiley's as well as his other works: Pushing Daisies, Milk, Big Fish.
00:24:04 3/1/2021

Past Episodes

Restaurant Fiction
In this episode, Restaurant Fiction talks to the best pop culture podcast on all things Marvel, Disney, Cosplay, video games, and toys, The Nerd Lys own, Christopher Ly. We discuss, break down, and review the famous fictional restaurant from the first Avengers film, Shawarma Palace
00:25:03 2/15/2021
Restaurant Fiction
The Fells Point Diner is the fictional restaurant in Barry Levinson's classic film, Diner. This is the review and our interview with the host of the podcast, On Location with Jared Cowan, Jared Cowan.
00:21:26 2/1/2021
Restaurant Fiction
Restaurant Fiction's favorite modern philosopher and best friend, Dr. Travis Timmerman, dissects and breaks down the most famous fictional burger restaurant in TV history.
00:20:05 1/18/2021
Restaurant Fiction
TV show creator and writer Mickey Fisher created his very own fictional restaurant to help him with his creativity and imagination. It is a pizza parlor called Pies and Pins. This is the review of Pies and Pins along with our breakdown of all things pizza and writing with the amazing screenwriter.
00:23:32 12/14/2020
Restaurant Fiction
The Green Dragon Inn is the fictional bar and tavern in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. Screenwriter, novelist, screenwriting teacher, and coach Max Timm breaks down the iconic fictional bar and compares it with the Wisconsin bar scene.
00:23:30 11/30/2020
Restaurant Fiction
Every fictional bar in TV & Film owes everything to one of the first mainstays and that's the fictional bar called Rick's Café in the film, Casablanca. Restaurant Fiction talks with showrunner, executive, and producer, Jerry Ying. He breaks down the significance of Rick's and why one of the classiest gin joints can also be the most deadly.
00:24:08 11/16/2020
Restaurant Fiction
The Regal Beagle is the fictional bar in the sitcom, Three's Company. Acclaimed author, screenwriter, producer, and host Angela Marie Hutchinson breaks down and reviews her favorite fictional bar with Restaurant Fiction as well as advice on how to navigate any situation with ease.
00:23:01 11/2/2020
Restaurant Fiction
Merlotte's Bar and Grill is the fictional bar and fictional restaurant featured in the HBO series, True Blood. The acclaimed hypnotherapist, Isaiah McGee breaks down Merlotte's and provides keen insight on how one can unlock their creativity to write such an incredible fictional restaurant.
00:26:23 10/19/2020
Restaurant Fiction
Screenwriter, writer, and podcast host of The Writer's Panel, Ben Blacker, breaks down the fictional bar, The Space Saloon, featured in his live radio show and graphic novel series, The Thrilling Adventure Hour.
00:23:52 10/5/2020
Restaurant Fiction
Our conversation with the screenwriter, Henry Jones continues. We move from talking about The Brick and into one of the best food tours of the USA as well as some of the simplest yet most important screenwriting tips of all time.
00:24:00 9/25/2020

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