Restaurant Fiction : The Fictional Restaurant Expert

Restaurant Fiction reviews the fictional restaurants, fictional bars, and fictional clubs featured in TV & Film and talks to the writers, directors, producers, executives and other talent who had a major hand in them.


Restaurant Fiction : The Fictional Restaurant Expert

Midnight Diner

The Midnight Diner is the fictional restaurant featured in the Netflix Show, Midnight Diner. Former film buyer and producer turned Japanese cooking writer, teacher, cookbook author, and chef, Sonoko Sakai breaks down the Midnight Diner and why it has such a lasting impact.
00:20:30 6/16/2020

Past Episodes

The Guardian of Tradition Dinner in Pankot Palace of the film Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom is the most significant and memorable scene in the entire movie. Restaurant Fiction breaks down the famous and notorious fictional dining scene and brings their guest of honor, Producer Bob Cammisa.
00:20:44 5/27/2020
Paradise is the fictional restaurant in the classic food film, Big Night. Director/Writer Kevin Hamedani, one of the film's biggest fans, breaks down the importance of Paradise and why it lasts for generations and generations.
00:19:16 5/1/2020
Freddy's BBQ Joint is the fictional restaurant featured in the Netflix show, House of Cards. To talk about all things Freddy's BBQ, fictional restaurants, and the entertainment business is literary manager of Schemer's Entertainment, Dan Seco. He talks about writing, his life, sports, and good BBQ.
00:29:04 4/3/2020
Author J. Ryan Stradal continues the conversation in discussing his baby, the fictional brewery, Artemis, featured in his 2nd novel, The Lager Queen of Minnesota. He dives deep in how a beer can tell a lot about a character as well as provides sage advice to up and coming writers.
00:22:18 3/3/2020
Author J. Ryan Stradal of acclaimed books, Kitchens of the Great Midwest, and The Lager Queen of Minnesota, chats about the fictional brewery in his latest novel, Artemis Brewery.
00:17:06 2/17/2020
The Hill House Dinner Party scene from the 1985 movie, Clue, sets the tone, the characters, and plot for the entire 90 minutes. We sit down with former Executive and Los Angeles School District #3 School Board Candidate, Kenchy Ragsdale, to learn how even a simple dinner party can be the most significant party of a film. To learn more about Kenchy and make a contribution, go to
00:29:46 1/28/2020
Ty is the fictional baker and chef in his own fictional restaurant in the show, Ty the Pie Guy. Executive Producer, Susan Lambert, talks about all things pie from the Amazon Prime children's series, Ty the Pie Guy.
00:28:34 12/20/2019
Producer Kip Konwiser of the HBO film, Miss Evers' Boys is back in the hot seat to not only continue the discussion of the fictional BBQ of Alabama but also how talks about how he got his start in the business and how me maintains a successful career. He even mentions his favorite real restaurants in California!
00:27:50 12/2/2019
The Alabama BBQ scene in the HBO film, Miss Evers' Boys, is the ultimate portrayal of how food can lift the spirit of the soul. Producer of the film, Kip Konwiser, talks about the meaning of the scene, the reasons for having barbecue, and the perseverance it took to get the award winning film made.
00:29:36 11/17/2019
The fictional Easter dinner party in the Woody Allen film, Annie Hall, is the quintessential scene in the entire film. It sets the tone and says so much about the characters without saying anything at all. Former CAA agent, Adam Krentzman, discusses the scene as well as talk about where power players in Hollywood eat and why.
00:29:20 11/4/2019

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