Spitting or drooling about anything and everything.


Last I Heard

#14 - Mike J.

Mike and I bullshit about the great outdoors! And Cody needs to listen at 52:51...
00:54:57 4/22/2020

Past Episodes

I'm joined by two great friends, Cody Knutson and Mikey Jaws. We check in on life on the inside and tell embarrassing stories about myself... stories of making brown.
00:47:46 3/27/2020
I talk like an asshole about COVID-19 and the stupid shit I'm stuck doing in the meantime.
00:16:11 3/26/2020
Guest, Travis and I talk Sports scandals, new baseball post-season rules, NFL CBA, NFL free agency and so much more!
00:43:03 3/19/2020
NFL free agency, coronavirus, other stupid bullsh*t you could probably care less about! YYYYYYAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!
00:16:28 3/16/2020
We talk the 2019 Nfl season in review! Where the Vikings and Packers are headed for next year and the downfall of legendary QBs.
00:45:25 1/22/2020
Guest Josh W. and I discuss everything football. College rankings, Miami Hurricanes, the NFC North and the Browns.
00:53:16 10/9/2019
It's just me and I have no idea what I'm talking about.
00:29:43 8/18/2019
Guest Cody Knutson and I talk about his new decision in his racing career and the future of football.
00:53:19 8/18/2019
Guest, Cody Knutson, and I discuss snowmobile racing and the future of the sport.
00:44:40 8/18/2019
Guest Timmy N. and I talk about great tv shows and whats makes them that way.
00:42:53 8/18/2019

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