Thoughts, ideas, and commentary on the art of photography by Nashville-based professional fine art photographer Keith Dotson. In addition to photography, this podcast may include discussions of the outdoors, history, travel, and environmental issues -- all related to the creation of photographs.


Keith Dotson: Fine Art Photography

The Aesthetic Appeal of Camera Shutter Sounds

Have you ever given any thought to the sound of the shutter? I don't mean the loudness of the shutter, like during weddings or events . . . I mean the actual quality of the shutter sound. Is it important to you how the shutter sounds? I've realized since I started shooting with Sony cameras that I don't enjoy the sound of Sony shutters. This is admittedly a minor quibble -- Sony makes amazing cameras and the image quality and reliability are obviously the primary concerns -- but you hear the sound of the shutter hundreds or thousands of times per session. I've recognized that for me, the sound of the shutter is an important part of the aesthetic experience of photography. In this episode we compare the sounds of modern digital camera shutters to old vintage film cameras from the 1950s to the 1980s.
00:09:03 5/14/2020

Past Episodes

In episode 12 of the fine art photography podcast, a reminder to myself that a technically perfect photograph is not always the most artistically moving photograph. Sometimes technical perfection creates a static, clinical photograph. My goal as an artist is to create an emotional connection with my viewers, and this is a lesson I have to relearn every few years.
00:04:02 4/28/2020
In this episode of the fine art photography podcast, we talk about Carleton Watkins, accidental photographer made some the first great photographs of Yosemite. His work let to protections for Yosemite and indirectly helped the establishment of the National Parks System. But even though he experienced huge success, his story didn't have a happy ending. #Photography #history #carletonwatkins
00:07:04 4/24/2020
In this episode, I explain how I got my black and white photographs into popular TV shows, like Grey's Anatomy, as well as movies, and TV commercials.
00:09:38 4/21/2020
The shocking true story behind the red ceiling photograph, "Untitled, Greenwood, Mississippi, 1973" by William Eggleston.
00:06:15 3/26/2020

In this episode of the Fine Art Photography podcast we discuss printing, paper, and how long your prints might last. As part of the discussion, we'll touch on dye-based printing vs. inkjet printing, OBAs, UV exposure, and other things that help or hinder the longevity of your inkjet prints. While this podcast mentions a few brand names, this is not a sponsored podcast.

00:18:23 3/22/2020
On the road: In this short edition of my fine art photography podcast, we discuss good reasons to get up early and go out to make photographs.
00:06:37 3/19/2020

First, let me apologize to my international listeners -- this is a U.S.-centric episode but similar laws apply in many other countries!

This topic will probably be of most interest to landscape photographers, wildlife photographers, and nature photographers. I lived in this country for my entire life without ever knowing that it's a violation of federal law to possess bird feathers, even if you found them on the ground. Listen to this short episode for the details.

Official Resources

I'm certainly no expert on this, so don't take any of my statements in this blog post as legal advice. The safest bet is to follow the admonition of the FWS and simply leave feathers where you find them. That's what I'll be doing from now on. Below are a couple of official sources for you to find more details.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: Migratory Bird Treaty Act Protected Species List

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: The Feather Atlas

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: Feathers an d the Law

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: FAQ /featheratlas/faq.php

My Blog Post on this Topic

My Website

00:05:49 3/14/2020
My thoughts on the perennial question, "Is photography art?" It may seem silly to even ask the question, but many people have asked that very question over the years, including prominent art critics.
00:07:36 2/11/2020
In this episode:
- What is fine art photography?
- The overwhelming power of Instagram
- Artsy's new research into what motivates art collectors
- The stunning micro photography of British photographer Levon Biss


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6 Key Factors Driving Art Collectors - from Aesthetics to Investment

Levon Biss Ted Talk

Levon Biss high-resolution images you can explore in detail at

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