Wellness. Purpose. Abundance. Three words that can seem so far out of reach! Like you're window shopping but you can never dream of it being a reality. I'm on a mission to awaken, inspire and empower all of us ordinary people! I believe in Ephesians 3:20 that God has an abundant life for everyone who is willing to ask. Let's chat about self coaching, my go-to tools, and real life. I'm Brenna Stanford and this is Essentially Empowered! Connect with me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn! @BrennaStanford (brennastanford1 for Twitter)


Essentially Empowered

Episode 4: From Less Than Ordinary to Fully Loved

Hi friends! Welcome back! Thanks so much to sticking in there with me! I really do appreciate you! XoXo I, of course and ONLY human! I really wanted to take this time and allow you to get to know me. You are not alone my friend. You are fully loved. You are so worthy!
00:00:00 8/31/2019

Past Episodes

Our mindset matters so much! We have all heard that it is important! But to be honest we can struggle with how to update our mindset and think better. Today I am sharing with you some of my favorite tools for keeping my mind in check!
00:00:00 8/30/2019
You're ready to step away from the toxic crap and live a life of wellness, purpose, and abundance. However, value has you hung up. What's the difference?
00:00:00 8/30/2019
Hi guys! Welcome to Essentially Empowered! I'm so thrilled to have YOU be a part of this AMAZING first ever episode of Essentially Empowered! Check out our community and show notes over at facebook.com/groups/EssentiallyEmpowered1
00:00:00 8/30/2019

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