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Endless Opinions

Ep. 57 Branson Was Ejected

EMERGENCY MEETING!! Branson has officially placed 3rd in Sober October and will now have to pay up at the end of the month. On the other side of things Zach and Hayden talk about how they have one last major challenge which is Friday night, and should be smooth sailing after that. They also talk about how these monthly challenges might be happening more frequently. Dont forget to follow Endless Opinions on Twitter @Opinionsendless for more updates.
00:27:47 10/23/2020

Past Episodes

Today, the guys give another update on how Sober October is and Hayden gives maybe a little too much info on the dangers of running. As the guys pass halfway through Sober October they still have a couple of challenges left to face which include a brothers birthday, and outside influence to drink. Don't forget to follow Endless Opinions on Twitter @Opinionsendless for more updates!
00:31:31 10/19/2020
Today, Zach and Hayden discuss how their side challenge of reading 2 books for the month have been going and Hayden goes into detail about how schools should have given you your own freedom to choose your own books, instead of the school choosing the books for you. They also dive into how they miss the movie theaters and hope to make a comeback after Covid. Don't forget to follow Endless Opinions on Twitter @Opinionsendless for more updates in the future!
00:30:21 10/12/2020
On today's episode, the guys talk about their first week down of Sober October and express some of the struggles they faced during the first week. They also get into how not having any alcohol or Marijuana has affected their REM sleep and how they have been having some crazy dreams recently. With over 3 weeks left of Sober October who is going to win and who is going to lose? Don't forget to follow Endless Opinions on Twitter for more updates!
00:35:11 10/9/2020
Today, Zach and Hayden go off on why celebrities get special treatment on not having to pay for some things such as dinners, cars, clothing, etc. Later on they get into why certain YouTubers record themselves doing good and question if it is them legitimately doing good or just for views. Follow Endless Opinions on Twitter @Opinionsendless for more updates!
00:28:47 10/5/2020
It is the one year mark for Endless Opinions!!! First off, the guys want to thank everyone who has listened no matter where you come from or how you listen. Endless Opinions will continue to get better as these days go on. Thank you so much for tuning in! The guys are joined by Branson Frost who is participating in the Sober October challenge and they discuss some of the expectations they hope to see by the end of the month. Hayden vents about how expensive it is to eat healthy and gives examples of some of the items he buys that costs more. As Sober October kicks off today, if anyone has a desire to follow along with the guys from Endless Opinions message Zach or Hayden and they will inform you on the details. Follow Endless Opinions on Twitter @Opinionsendless for more updates!
00:37:15 10/1/2020
Today, the guys talk about some more of their Sober October challenge and are coming up with penalties for the loser. They also talk about what console they will be getting, the PS5 or the Xbox Series X, and debate which one is their favorite and why. Don't forget to follow Endless Opinions on Twitter @Opinionsendless for more updates!
00:28:49 9/28/2020
Today, the guys discuss a challenge they plan on doing in October and give some details behind it. Zach also decides he is going to join Hayden in CrossFit for the month of October and potentially even longer. If you want a challenge then the guys suggest you do Sober October with them. Don't forget to follow Endless Opinions on Twitter @Opinionsendless for more updates!
00:34:08 9/22/2020
DOUBLE HEADER INCOMING! The guys are coming in with a double header this week after deciding to upload more frequently. In today's episode the guys talk about Skip Bayless's remarks about Dak Prescott and his depression he suffered during the start of the quarantine. If you are feeling down and in the dumps, please talk to someone you can trust. You are loved by many! Follow Endless Opinions on Twitter @Opinionsendless for more updates.
00:23:41 9/17/2020
Today, Zach and Hayden discuss several topics that include a challenge during the month of October that would include them being completely sober. Then the guys discuss football and talk about who has a high chance of going back to the Super Bowl, and finally they talk about why they are not betting guys. Follow Endless Opinions on Twitter @Opinionsendless for more updates!
00:30:48 9/15/2020
Today, Zach starts the conversation off by asking Hayden about living in a certain time period and what 3 items he would bring with him. The guys then discuss about the fraternity they went to over the weekend and give their honest opinions about how it was and if they would do it again. Don't forget to follow Endless Opinions on Twitter @Opinionsendless for more updates!
00:38:30 9/8/2020

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