Each week, we review a different Bronze Age comic from the 1970s and 1980s. Hosted by Mike-DELL & Mike-EL.


Flea Market Fantasy

Flea Market Fantasy #108 | Thor #337

Joshua Murr-VELL joins Mikes EL and DELL. Walt Simonson's explosive debut on Thor, featuring the debut of the horse-faced replacement for the God of Thunder.
00:57:01 9/14/2021

Past Episodes

Flea Market Fantasy
Mike Friedrich & Bob Brown (but NOT Jim Starlin) present a story set on Counter-Earth, the duplicate planet that's 2/3 the size of regular Earth, featuring Adam Warlock, the artificial human that is 2/3 as cool as Adam Yauch. www.ComicBookSyndicate.com
00:54:40 9/7/2021
Flea Market Fantasy
A look back at the comic that inspired one great film and one terrible one. "Battleground Manhattan" by John Ostrander, Luke McDonnell and Bob Lewis is 23 pages long, and *at least* two things happen. www.ComicBookSyndicate.com
00:47:22 8/31/2021
Flea Market Fantasy
Marvel Fanfare #10 is the subject of this week's episode. Ralph Macchio and George Pérez, Bob Layton + Luke McDonnell preset a story of action, intrigue and exposition! www.ComicBookSyndicate.com
00:59:25 8/24/2021
Flea Market Fantasy
Elliot Brown, John Morelli, Herb Trimpe, Joe Sinnott & Tom Morgan turn the world upside down (and then rightside up again) with their contribution to the New Universe. www.ComicBookSyndicate.com
00:51:15 8/17/2021
Flea Market Fantasy
In 1986, Frank Miller redefined Batman with The Dark Knight Returns, wrote Daredevil's defining arc with Born Again, and helped redefine the comics medium with Elektra Assassin. Bob "Pork Carrot" Meyers joins Mike-DELL & Mike-EL for another in-depth discussion about everyone's favourite pastime.
01:06:37 8/9/2021
Flea Market Fantasy
Cousin Brandon joins Mikes EL and DELL for a look at his favourite comic book from his childhood that he has no memory ever reading. Bonecrusher, Duchard & Riordan (?) guest star in the six hundredth issue of DC's longest running title. www.ComicBookSyndicate.com
00:58:36 8/3/2021
Flea Market Fantasy
Big Kang Baby! Steve Englehart, Sal Buscema, Joe Staton + Dave Cockrum offer up a comic that Kurt Busiek calls the greatest Avengers story ever written!
01:32:51 7/27/2021
Flea Market Fantasy
Ultimate Superman Reborn! Kevin Jank joins Mike-EL & Mike-DELL for the ONE HUNDREDTH episode of your favourite podcast. Before he could go on to ruin Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, and the Doom Patrol, John Byrne ruined Superman! It was 1986, and DC Comics decided Superman needed a change. So, instead of going with proposals by Frank Miller, Steve Gerber or Alan Moore, DC went with Mr. Fixit himself. Stay tuned for the second half of our show to hear some fun facts about our podcast, plus the results of our first ever 'Flea Awards', judged by a committee of industry experts.
01:40:07 7/20/2021
Flea Market Fantasy
Journey back to World War II for an all-new Golden Age adventure. Roy Thomas, Frank Robbins + Vince Colletta present: "...And Let the Battle Begin!"
00:58:33 7/13/2021
Flea Market Fantasy
Gerry Conway & Pat Broderick re-introduce everyone's favourite matter transmuting superhero...the one with the head that's on fire, and whose sleeves are baggy and blouse-like: Firestorm! www.ComicBookSyndicate.com
00:56:56 7/6/2021

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