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Coach Sean Fitness Podcast

Running For Those That Hate Running

Ok, it's been a while but, just as we pass the one year anniversary of doing at home Zoom workouts, I'm back with another episode of the Coach Seán Fitness Podcast. This episode is all about running for those that hate running. I've learned a lot over the past year with Covid-19. One thing I wasn't expecting to learn about myself was how much I relied on running for my mental and physical health. But it wasn't always that way. I was the guy who wanted to do a marathon once and then never does it again. I was the guy that said they "hate running". I was the guy that would get uncomfortable whenever someone referred to me as a runner. That's despite running 4 marathons, including a virtual marathon at this point. In this podcast episode, I talk about my poor mindset to running, how it all changed and how you can get into running. I talk about the misconceptions with running, the long runs and running motivation. I also talk about the Running For Those Who hate Running Challenge we have with Any Given Training Day, starting this Monday, March 29th. For 5k and 10k templates, the programme is FREE in our running group. We will also continue to have follow along sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays in that group. However, if you are constantly struggling with motivation to run, developing good habits, getting accountability and combining your running goals with at home workouts, get in touch with us. We will tailor the 6 weeks around you and your goals as well as setting you up n the Any Given Training Day Fitness App for at home workouts, mobility drills and mini programmes to overcome the common running injuries such as lower back pain, shin splints and my personal favourite, calves! If you are interested in that Challenge, apply now by clicking the link below: You can also join our FREE Running Group by clicking the link below: More details on the Challenge will also be posted on the Any Given Training Day Instagram Page: #LetsGoGetEmAgain
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Coach Sean Fitness Podcast
January training is usually about the scales and losing the holiday weight. Despite the shock I got when I went back to training at the start of this month, I feel that exercise should be about so much more. Exercise has helped me deal with my lower back issues and I know it can help you. As they say, I think, exercise is the cheapest form of medicine. So in this episode, I talk about the research behind how it can help you with dealing with pain as well as how you can still train all your limbs, even if one is injured, through cross training. As I say in this episode, this is not about #NoExcuses and 'no pain no gain' mentality. But more about finding ways to train that will help with your fitness, mood and confidence. And if you are interested in online training, be sure to check out this link below where I do have some availability for online personal training: #LetsGoGetEmAgain
00:00:00 1/18/2021
Coach Sean Fitness Podcast
In this episode of the podcast, I will be talking about the three biggest mistakes that people make when setting their health and fitness goals as well as my two strategies to helping ensure that 2021 is your most successive fitness year yet! We talk about how people try to do too much at once in January. How people are not specific enough with their goals (along with a great strategy to use on how to set your goals for the year - Most people do the complete opposite to this strategy!). We also talk about why people don't have accountability for their goals. And for help in setting those goals, we talk about finding cues and setting new routines to override those cues as well as how to get more specific in your training in 2021. As mentioned on the podcast, my follow along fitness session is on YouTube tonight at 7pm: If you are reading the above link and it is too late for you to do the session, you need to subscribe to my newsletter to get updates on all things health and fitness that will help keep you motivated and in the right mindset to achieve your goals. You can subscribe for free by clicking here: For the month of January, I'm bringing back my 6 Week Online Personal Training Transformation Challenge. This time, working along with the Coaches at Any Given Training Day, this will be even bigger and better than ever before. As well as working with me through the Any Given Training Day App, you'll be able to pick the brains of other coaches with specific experiences in coaching running, swimming, cycling and triathlons. Through the first 6 weeks, we will work on your goals through the 6 Week Challenge, tailoring it to your fitness levels and well as what you have access to at home and your goals. Together, we will work on tackling your goals and having a plan that we can implement throughout the year. Take the guesswork out of your training, have accountability and eliminate the excuse of a lockdown to start your 2021 on the right track! Click HERE for more details on how to sign up today: #LetsGoGetEmAgain
00:00:00 1/7/2021
Coach Sean Fitness Podcast
Happy New Year. This episode of the Podcast is specific to members of my Boot Camp or online PT clients (as well as Any Given Training Day clients). So you might not get as much out of it if you are neither. In this episode, I will talk about: - Why "world carnivore diet month" and Veganuary are the same month - The key ingredient that EVERY successful diet has - My one problem with calorie counting on My Fitness Pal - What "Shape My Plan" is, how it works, and how you can make it personal to you and your goals - What the "Booty Camp" diet is, how it works and why we eliminate some foods, even though they aren't necessarily bad for you. If you did enjoy the podcast and want to become an online coaching client of mine, email me for my 6-week challenge on (or follow the link below to sign up). We'll be taking new members into our Boot Camp from February when lockdown restrictions ease.
00:00:00 1/2/2021
Coach Sean Fitness Podcast
With over a month since the last episode of the podcast, we catch up with Coach Seán on how the marathon went and the lessons he learned running the Dublin Virtual Marathon and running that last 10k with his Dad. From 13:15, we talk about thee nutrition connection to The Social Dilemma, the new documentary on Netflix, dealing with issues around the likes of Facebook and Instagram. Seán draws parallels between both of them, particularly through one scene involving a lock jar. Hopefully, it helps you rewire your thinking and relationship with food, especially as we head towards the holiday season. If you have anything in particular that you would like to be discussed on the next episode of the Coach Seán Fitness Podcast, be sure to send him a DM on Instagram (@coach_seanc). Plus subscribe to the weekly newsletter where you will also get the 6 Hacks to lose 6kg or more in 6 weeks or less eBook:
00:00:00 11/25/2020
Coach Sean Fitness Podcast
As of recording this episode, we are a few hours away from the second lockdown in Ireland and gyms being shut. Initially, I was not as level headed as I am in this podcast. I truly feel for businesses that are going to go under. It's not my place to lecture whether the country is doing the right thing or not but, from a health and fitness perspective, give my views on how to adapt to the next 4-6 weeks. And there are a few ways to do that as I talk about bodyweight training, how it can transfer over to the gym and the assessments we can do it keep ourselves motivated and on track. I also talk about how I am going to set goals for myself over the next 6 weeks. I talk a little about the conflict on Twitter (a dumpster fire as of late) about the importance of gyms with mental health. In short, I know they can help but they are not the essential service. They have helped me a lot in the past, but may not be for everyone and telling people to squat is not the first thing I would recommend to someone who is suffering! The 5km radius was a big blow to my marathon goals and training over the last few months. I'm not sure what I am going to do about that right now. But I do know how I am going to plan and adapt my sessions for my Boot Camp in Castleknock who I am grateful for that have stayed with through all the changes we have made since March. Instagram @coach_seanc
00:00:00 10/21/2020
Coach Sean Fitness Podcast
I usually like to tackle just one podcast topic for a shorter episode and more information for you, but with the virtual marathon around the corner, I wanted to talk about my experience (and arrogance) doing the marathon for the first time in 2017. Before that, I think having a positive mindset and approach to fitness and challenges is something that is completely overlooked. I talk about how being in the right frame of mind for me has really helped me in my training and give different examples of how it can help you too. In the second part of this podcast, I talk about how I failed at my first marathon in my eyes but the lessons I learned from it, not just in the running and training, but in mindset, approach and attitude and have helped carry me over to the present day and be better for it! Instagram @coach_seanc If you enjoyed this podcast, please leave a review on iTunes. That helps us grow the podcast!
00:00:00 10/12/2020
Coach Sean Fitness Podcast
Ok, hopefully, the title raised some alarm bells but it is a topic I have seen a lot on social media (and that exact comparison) so in this episode we are going to talk about the pros and cons to shorter workouts, specifically HIIT Training, including: - Where did the title come from? - A study on steady-state cardio and HIIT Training - Why I think HIIT Training should not be used for beginners while it gets harder the more fit you are - Why I think it's easier to do 45 seconds on the Assault Bike instead of 15 seconds - Why I hate the idea of doing HIIT Training for time-efficient reasons. - Where I think shorter workouts have their place for those looking to get fit. #LetsGoGetEmAgain
00:00:00 9/30/2020
Coach Sean Fitness Podcast
In this episode we will be talking about the When, What and How Long You Should Workout For (Training Advice) - How Long should a Gym Session be? - How do you divide up that gym session? - Importance of a Warm Up - How experience and training age affect volume and duration of a workout - Difference between training for a new person, returning from injury and an active recovery session - Strength Training and Training Split Options - How to change up your training if you are going too long in the gym or have limited time - Why some combination exercises absolutely suck Hit me up on Instagram on @coach_seanc for any podcast related questions you may have #LetsGoGetEmAgain
00:00:00 9/22/2020
Coach Sean Fitness Podcast
One thing I have noticed a lot when looking up topics for this podcast is the term "fitness secrets". When we see celebrities in great physical shape, there is that curiosity that they must have top fitness celebrity secrets that are we are unaware of. How do they do it? Well, because of this curiosity, a lot of the headlines, blogs and articles contain the term "fitness secrets". It's a term that drives me up the wall as it promotes quick fixes and neglecting hard work, in my mind. So I rounded up a lot of these "fitness secrets" and present them to you in today's episode. I'm sure you will notice a common theme in a lot of them... they're not magical secrets! A lot of them involve practical advice that you can apply to your training... of course, there's always one that uses it as a platform to promote something that is probably not useful to you! #LetsGoGetEmAgain
00:00:00 9/13/2020
Coach Sean Fitness Podcast
Ok, I have missed a few weeks doing this podcast but, due to unforeseen circumstances, I now have more time to get back into doing the podcasts! Why is that? Well, all is explained in the intro! Today's podcast comes about after reading a tweet from S&C Coach Mike Boyle, who is highly respected in the industry. The tweet reads: "90% of the people I see jogging should be walking #speedlimping" Do I agree or disagree? Well, considering I have ran marathons and running podcasts, you would think my answer would be simple. It's not. Check out the episode and let me know on Instagram what you think! #LetsGoGetEmAgain
00:00:00 9/9/2020
Coach Sean Fitness Podcast
Back from a two-week absence with another episode of the Coach Seán Fitness Podcast. In this episode, we are talking about the pros and cons behind everyone's favourite exercise, including mine, the burpee. Or is it? We also talk about the dreaded Burpee Challenge that we used to have in our Boot Camp sessions along with whether they are truly the best "fat burning exercise".
00:00:00 8/17/2020
Coach Sean Fitness Podcast
Overly excited to talk on this episode of the podcast, as I am still on a high just a few short hours after the mighty Aston Villa locked in their spot in the Premier League next season. To skip me gushing over Villa's improbable turn around jump straight to the 5 minute mark where I talk about today's topic. After seeing a pizza in the "healthy" fridge, this episode is about how we look at exercise and why trying to find the right exercise for fat loss is probably the worst thing you can do. Training shouldn't be about how many calories you burn. That's a short term solution and you're not going to be able to stick with whatever training you are doing if you have a negative approach to it before you start.
00:00:00 7/26/2020
Coach Sean Fitness Podcast
Protein Shakes sometimes get a bad rap. We don't think of consuming too much protein if we have a lot of protein in real food. But protein shakes? Too many and they will harm your kidneys. Or will they? Seán talks about this in today's episode of the podcast along with little tips on how to use protein shakes to help aid fat loss. And, if you have any suggestions on how to make the most of the virtual marathon for Dublin this year, hit us up on Instagram @coach_seanc #LetsGoGetEmAgain
00:00:00 7/20/2020
Coach Sean Fitness Podcast
With they gyms opened the past few weeks for some of us in Ireland, I think the most important thing to do is to use the first few weeks for building consistency in the gym and developing a new routine. I talked about, in a previous episode, how you should be leaving a few reps in the tank when training on returning to the gym. In this episode, I talk about when you should and shouldn't train to failure! There is a time and place for it. You need to find where your true limit is so that you know what training to failure is like. But you don't want to do that for every session. This episode is all about finding that balance.
00:00:00 7/13/2020

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