Where Were You When It Snapped? | NFL Wk 5 Upsets | If A Team Wins A Title And No One Cares Does It Still Count?

Dallas squeaks by the Giants and Jason Garrett's new high-flying offense with the Red Rifle as Dak is done for the season. Can Andy replace Dak? Why the Cowboys chances at a division title and playoff spot just went UP! Lots of upsets in the NFL in week 5 and a couple of near-misses. Plus we review our week 5 picks and give our picks and predictions for 5 games in the NFL for week 6. Then we discuss the travesty of the Lakers "championship" and throw out some ALCS/NLDS talk. Then finally, what, REALLY is his nickname??? Please continue the conversation with us on Twitter: @BigRedBlitz, @ColbySapp, @IndyCarTim

The Drunk Sports Podcast
00:59:10 10/15/2020

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