S3 Ep. 11 Mira Morningstar - Fantasy/Ambient Artist

Tattness has the absolute pleasure of talking with fantasy/ambient artist Mira Morningstar. We talk about being a slave to celebrity status, monetary value on celebrities, vanity in a fake world and more. As intelligent as she is stunning and gifted, you don't want to miss this.

The Tattness Podcast
02:08:43 5/11/2021

Past Episodes

The Tattness Podcast
Tattness discusses the pitfalls of fame and knowing the difference between thirst and fandom. Why do people sell out? Why do people enjoy seeing a public fall from grace?
00:45:05 11/19/2021
The Tattness Podcast
Was Joe Budden out of pocket for the podcast incident? Can business ever really co-exist with personal relationships?
01:06:39 11/14/2021
The Tattness Podcast
Tattness clears the air and squashes some beef. Well wishes for an old friend and other thoughts during a hard month.
00:42:48 11/11/2021
The Tattness Podcast
Some sad AND EXCITING news on the Compared To You movie situation. Guess who has joined the cast! And sadly we part ways with a cast member. How things happen in an ever changing business such as movies, and how we do what we have to in order to bring you the best movie we can.
00:37:50 10/23/2021
The Tattness Podcast
Tattness goes off on some recent news
00:35:13 9/28/2021
The Tattness Podcast
Tattness has been hard at work on the upcoming film Compared To You and has checked in to give you all an update on its progress and how you can even appear in it!
00:38:05 9/20/2021
The Tattness Podcast
A highly caffeinated Mira Morningstar returns (Against her better judgement I'm sure.) We go off the rails and she doesn't even bat an eye at the suggestion that she must want me after playing my wife in so many movies (Probably because she doesn't.) Caffeine and ridiculousness ahead.
02:10:41 8/15/2021
The Tattness Podcast
This it is y'all, YOUR show, by the people FOR the people! YOU pick the questions, Tattness answers em, enjoy.
02:00:22 8/7/2021
The Tattness Podcast
Tattness talks about mental health, Joey Jordison's passing and the WWE releasing Bray Wyatt
00:39:25 8/1/2021
The Tattness Podcast
Announcement for an upcoming special.
00:01:14 7/31/2021

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