I'm Just Sayin' Bruh...Do You Know What Year It Is???

This week's episode was recorded on Monday night during the MNF games between the Chiefs and Patriots and the Packers and Falcons. We discuss sports, covid-19 and we try to convince Greg to give Dexter a try.

I'm Just Sayin' Bruh
02:06:15 10/8/2020

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I'm Just Sayin' Bruh
We're back after a little hiatus with an Valentine's Day special. In this episode we talk about the Super Bowl, Greg has finally watched the greatest show ever Dexter and we finally bring back "One's Gotta Go". Also, make sure you check out The Oh Fo Podcast
01:52:16 2/14/2021
I'm Just Sayin' Bruh
We were gone for a week or two, now we're back again! In this episode we talk the inauguration and the hilarious Bernie Sanders meme.
01:37:44 1/23/2021
I'm Just Sayin' Bruh
We thought Georgia was gone Georgia, but they didn't!
01:09:01 1/9/2021
I'm Just Sayin' Bruh
Happy New Year to all of our listeners! We really appreciate you listening to our non-sense throughout 2020. Here's to 2021 and much growth for us all!
01:42:32 1/1/2021
I'm Just Sayin' Bruh
Merry Christmas from the I'm Just Sayin Bruh hosts. Enjoy your families and stay as safe as you can in the process!
01:47:16 12/24/2020
I'm Just Sayin' Bruh
This week's episode covers Tom Cruise and a few other topics. Also, Corey gets choked up talking about the December 21st Super Powers Day.
01:06:42 12/19/2020
I'm Just Sayin' Bruh
We still talking about COVID...AGAIN!
01:38:38 12/11/2020
I'm Just Sayin' Bruh
This week we talk, twerkin' over shelled peas, Tyson v Jones Jr and some tv and movies.
01:23:51 12/3/2020
I'm Just Sayin' Bruh
This week we talk sports, politics and a small bit of entertainment.
01:31:14 11/19/2020
I'm Just Sayin' Bruh
In this week's episode we talk the election, Chappelle and some sports!
01:34:57 11/11/2020

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