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01:01:23 9/20/2020

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We say goodbye to Joe Morgan and hello to a special Eagles fan that Colby takes exception to for shouting out Dak Prescott! Then we pay tribute finally to Edward Van Halen and his music as our Top 9 at 9 gives Billboard's top EVH musical contributions to us. Colby's News and Notes and What Movie or TV gadgets would YOU like to see in real life? Also, Timm insults the entire female side of the human race in ways only he can do... Please continue the conversation on Twitter with us @IndyCarTim, @BigRedBlitz, and @ColbySapp.
00:00:00 10/16/2020
Dallas squeaks by the Giants and Jason Garrett's new high-flying offense with the Red Rifle as Dak is done for the season. Can Andy replace Dak? Why the Cowboys chances at a division title and playoff spot just went UP! Lots of upsets in the NFL in week 5 and a couple of near-misses. Plus we review our week 5 picks and give our picks and predictions for 5 games in the NFL for week 6. Then we discuss the travesty of the Lakers "championship" and throw out some ALCS/NLDS talk. Then finally, what, REALLY is his nickname??? Please continue the conversation with us on Twitter: @BigRedBlitz, @ColbySapp, @IndyCarTim
00:59:10 10/15/2020
Fun with real audio (Mike Leach) | Most Undeserving NFL MVPs EVER | WTF is Ferret Leggig? | Colby's Storytime / News & Notes
01:04:54 10/2/2020
Timm and Colby discuss the many reasons why Dallas lost in Seattle and the many reasons no one is touching Earl Thomas at this point of the season. Then Timm brings evidence that Lamar Jackson is quite overrated. We also give our picks and predictions for Week 4 of the NFL!
01:08:48 10/2/2020
TOP 9 Weirdest College Mascots | 37 Most Ridiculous Questions Asked Online | Is Gilligan the Devil? | Colby Sapp News & Notes!
01:00:24 9/24/2020
Carson Wentz Sucks! | Cowboys v Falcons Talk | NFL week 2
01:11:39 9/24/2020
DSP NFL Picks Week 3
00:18:39 9/24/2020
DSP NFL Week 2 Picks and Predictions
00:14:54 9/18/2020
In THIS episode we kick off week 1 in the NFL by showing our disgust for the Cowboys' performance in Los Angeles and preview the Cowboys / Falcons matchup in wk 2. And Colby has a few choice words for Stars fans who don't want ANYONE jumping on this bandwagon... Make sure to continue the conversation on our video feeds on YouTube, Facebook, and Periscope, and follow the conversation with us on Twitter at @BigRedBlitz, @IndyCarTim, and @ColbySapp. You can email us at
01:03:06 9/18/2020
Timm "IndyCarTim" Hamm and PGA Pro John Gerber discuss the recently completed Safeway Open and the upcoming US Open. Funny facts about the groupings, course set-up, and Gerb's picks for this weekend's major from Winged Foot.
00:45:23 9/17/2020

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