Ep93: NFL Division Review and Championship Sunday Preview | Power Ranking Superheroes | Under The Red Hat | The Fitness Zone

We'll review the divisional games and preview and pick the AFC and NFC title games, as well as discuss why the Mavericks seem to suddenly suck. Plus, how is it that Harden fits so well in BKN? Then we preview 2 new shows on our network: The Fitness Zone with TPI Certified Fitness Instructor Chris Ownbey, and Under The Red Hat with wrestling super-fan Rick "The Sign Guy" Achberger. LIVE from Barrel & Bones in The Colony!

The Drunk Sports Podcast
02:11:20 1/21/2021

Past Episodes

The Drunk Sports Podcast

It's the Colby Sapp Happy Birthday episode! We play a fun game of "Would You Rather?" and discuss how old is too old when it comes to dating and age gaps. Timm power ranks the top 9 adult cartoons on TV and Colby has a problem with his list! What's inside BigRed's brain? Colby's News & Notes including some new Marvel CU updates! Presented by: Rapsody Vodka, Sleep Sheets, and the Highlands Performance Golf Center!

02:05:06 2/25/2021
The Drunk Sports Podcast

We examine the ramifications of another Super Bowl win for Tom Brady and ask the question: Can Mahomes ever catch Brady? We look at the end of our NFL weekly picks and try to determine a payoff for the loser. Then Lance gets heated while discussing Mark Cuban's decision to stop playing the National Anthem at Mavericks games. We have some fun with Real Audio - Super Bowl style, discuss the Top 9 NFL players who didn't know when to call it quits, then the age old discussion: Is cereal soup?  

We then break out a new segment, the brainchild of Lance and Colby: "ShitPants Timm" where they call Timm out for some questionable social media trolling. If you see Timm trolling someone anywhere on the internet, just use the #ShitPantsTimm to tag it and let them know for future segments! Contact us on Twitter at @ColbySapp, @BigRedBlitz, or @IndyCarTim. Special thanks to those who made this show possible: The Highlands Performance Golf Center , Kavla Testosterone Booster for Men, Sleep Sheets , and Rapsody Vodka! Make sure to check out our homepage at DSP Media!

02:21:09 2/11/2021
The Drunk Sports Podcast
Ep95: Super Bowl LV Preview | Who is Jax Examiner? | Most Unfortunate Names
02:17:17 2/4/2021
The Drunk Sports Podcast

We also discuss which 2020 NFL playoff team's Super Bowl windows are open or closed, discuss our Conference Championship game picks, and pose the question: Do you look at the paper after you wipe your butt? Should you? Thanks to Rapsody Spirits, Sleep Sheets , and Highlands Performance Golf Center for tonight's episode!  

02:04:18 1/28/2021
The Drunk Sports Podcast
Timm 'IndyCarTim' Hamm and PGA Tour Pros John Gerber and Chris Bussell are back to discuss the Sony Open and preview the upcoming American Express as the west coast swing begins. They'll also discuss part 1 of the 'Tiger' HBO documentary. Plus Johnny's picks!
00:00:00 1/21/2021
The Drunk Sports Podcast
92b: Best Pick Up Lines Ever | Drive K.I.T.T. | Would You Live In Lizzy Bordon's House? | News & Notes
00:43:10 1/15/2021
The Drunk Sports Podcast
92a: NFL Wildcard Weekend Review, Divisional Round Preview | Harbaugh Extension | Bama Wins Again (yawn)
01:14:41 1/15/2021
The Drunk Sports Podcast
From The Rough: Sentry Review | Sony Open Preview | Johnny's Picks!
00:31:30 1/15/2021
The Drunk Sports Podcast
Jared Sandler and Ben Stiller talk | Jared Sandler 'dated' who's daughter at USC? | Cowboys suck again but pick 10th | Doug Pederson also sucks and should lose his job | Wildcard Picks | John Dillermand has an Extraordinary penis | News & Notes
02:08:05 1/7/2021
The Drunk Sports Podcast
Ep90b: Top Things Invented By Rednecks | Why BigRed Hates The '72 Dolphins | The Legend Of LW Wright
01:00:10 12/30/2020

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