Brandee Stilwell's crazy life stories, working for Disney, Family Guy & madtv, and mental health

In this episode, Kim Somers Egelsee and Eden Sustin are joined by Brandee Stilwell, actress, producer, voice-over artist, and freelance writer for Disney/Amazon Echo. We sat down to talk with her about her book "None of this is Going According to Plan", writing "Sasquatch Detective" for DC Comics, working with Seth McFarland on Family Guy,, what she does for her mental health being in the entertainment industry, and walking around the Hollywood Forever Cemetary.

Talk Purpose and Truth
00:00:00 8/7/2022

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Talk Purpose and Truth
Sometimes to stay grounded in this reality of this dimension we like to watch reality shows and stay updated on all things pop culture! Therefore, in this episode Eden Sustin and Kim Somers Egelsee discuss the biggest pop culture conversations right now including the Adam Levine messages, our funny disagreement over bachelor news on Rachel & Tino, the Lisa Rinna and Kathy Hilton feud, Leonardo Dicaprio, and more! Plus fun celebrity stories about Danny Devito, Drew Barrymore, Lionel Richie, and Richard Dreyfuss
00:00:00 10/2/2022
Talk Purpose and Truth
In this episode, Kim Somers Egelsee and Eden Sustin are joined by Haruko Blue Star Child! Haruko is a Cosmic Artist, Musician, Children's Book Author, and Spiritual Cheerleader. She bridges many worlds and dimensions through art and music. We first met Haruko on our trip to Mt. Shasta when she did a powerful sound healing for us. You'll hear her share with us about how she started drawing, how she connects with the multi-dimensional aspect of people to create soul portraits, living in Mt. Shasta, & a 10-minute LIVE SOUND HEALING just for you! More from Haruko Blue Star Child:
00:00:00 9/25/2022
Talk Purpose and Truth
From spirit interactions in a house we stayed at built-in 1912 to the most amazing sound healing experience, this trip was like nothing we had ever experienced before. In this episode, we talk about our AMAZING trip to Mount Shasta with our friends Lisa Huscher and Missy Fowler. Lisa joins us so we can share about all of the fascinating and crazy interactions we had with spirit, what intuitive messages we all received on the trip, a powerful sound healing experience, and the impact it has on our lives still a few weeks later!
00:00:00 9/18/2022
Talk Purpose and Truth
Are you an intuitive? In this episode, Kim Somers Egelsee and Eden Sustin are joined by Lisa Huscher, Business & Intuitive Life Consultant, Clairvoyant, and Owner of The Souls Gifts & Partner of High Vibe Soul Sisters Connecting Circle. We talk about all things intuition including, uncovering your intuitive side, differentiating intuitive & fear-based thoughts, balancing the left & right brain, and what it means to be clairvoyant, clairaudient, and claircognizant. More about Lisa:
00:00:00 8/28/2022
Talk Purpose and Truth
Do you have chronic pain that you struggle to manage? In this episode, Kim Somers Egelsee and Eden Sustin are joined by Karen "Duff" Duffy: New York Times bestselling author, producer, actress, & former MTV VJ. She has written for the New York Times, Wall Street Journal,?and O, The Oprah Magazine, and starred in the film "Dumb and Dumber". She shares with us about her journey from being a recreational therapist to landing the jobs in tv & movies that you know her from and how Howard Stern started her career. Plus, in this inspiring episode, Karen also shares the deep challenges, mindset shifts, and emotional rollercoaster she has experienced as a result of learning to live with chronic pain from a rare disease called Neurosarcoidosis and how you can make shifts in your life to better cope with your chronic pain. More on Karen Duffy:
00:00:00 8/21/2022
Talk Purpose and Truth
Is love at first sight really possible? In this episode, Kim Somers Egelsee and Eden Sustin are joined by Dr. Viviana Coles; Relationship & Sex Therapist at her practice, Houston Relationship Therapy, and expert therapist on Married at First Sight for 6 seasons. We discuss what was it like to be on Married at First Sight and why she left. Plus, building chemistry, being "too nice" in relationships, if she believes love, at first sight, is really possible, her book, "The 4 Intimacy Styles", and finding time for intimacy with kids. More with Dr. Viviana:
00:00:00 8/14/2022
Talk Purpose and Truth
"If you think you can, you can. If you think you can't, you won't." In this episode, Kim Somers Egelsee and Eden Sustin are joined by Doug Cornfield and Dave Clark. Doug is an author, speaker, & director of Disability, Dream, and Do (D3Day) sports camps, created in partnership with Dave. Dave is an author, motivational speaker, advocate for children with differing abilities, & worked in professional baseball. We talk with them about Dave's 40-year career in Pro baseball being on crutches & braces as a result of Polio, how 1 small act can change everything, & their book together "A Pound of Kindness".
00:00:00 7/31/2022
Talk Purpose and Truth
14 schools, 2 marriages, grew up in crack houses, was abused by his father, molested as a kid, had a suicide attempt, anger management, and alcohol troubles all before he was 20. Steve Bacon experienced so much pain and suffering in his early years of life. And during those years each pain dominoed into the next until he met his mentor that changed his life. It took a long time for him to see it but all of his trauma was a gift. How could so much pain be turned into good? In this episode, Kim Somers Egelsee and Eden Sustin are joined by Steve Bacon to go deeper into his story, to discuss the keys to changing your life around no matter what you've been through, and how his own life served as his biggest lesson for what really drives unhealthy human behavior. We discuss the importance of challenging your belief system, self-concept, and stories created as a kid. Finding the motivation to change your life around and the reason for attempting to protect yourself and control things based on human behavior. More on Steve: Find Steve on Instagram:
00:00:00 7/24/2022
Talk Purpose and Truth
Do you remember William Hung from season 3 of American Idol? He gained fast fame after his Idol audition for "She Bangs", which became a classic piece of American Idol history. Now, he's a 3- time TEDx speaker, author, and podcast host. In this episode, Kim Somers Egelsee and Eden Sustin are joined by William to talk about what his Idol experience was like both during and after the show, what made him decide to audition, how he handles hate & criticism, and what he wants next for his life.
00:00:00 7/10/2022
Talk Purpose and Truth
Interested in the male perspective on deep life topics? In this episode, Kim Somers Egelsee and Eden Sustin are joined by the hosts of "The Unfiltered Experience", Christopher Rauschand Scott Goyette. Scott is the founder of Go Love Now, a life coach, and a speaker. Chris is a no excuses life and business coach and speaker. We discuss ego vs true self, the deeper meaning of anger and fear in men, midlife crisis vs midlife awareness, and current cultural pressures on men. The Unfiltered Experience: More on Scott: More on Christopher:
00:00:00 6/26/2022

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